Guide to getting your Tiger mask in Minecraft


Guide to getting your Tiger mask in Minecraft

Mojang has introduced Minecraft content free of charge to players since the Lunar New Year started on February 1, 2022.

Mojang has introduced two cosmetics to Bedrock Edition players that can be used in the character creator, along with a new Minecraft map called the Legend of Nezha. These cosmetics include a tiger skirt and a mask.

The Year of the Tiger is commemorated in this Lunar New Year, so it makes sense that the character content has a tiger-themed aesthetic. The content will be unavailable after February 7th, so players will want to get it soon.

It is easy to download the new Minecraft tiger mask. Players will need to make sure that Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has the latest version and that they have access to the Marketplace from the main menu. The Pocket Edition runs on the Bedrock codebase.

After the update is complete, players can launch their game client to access the marketplace via the main menu. The marketplace screen's featured page allows them to select the page for the tiger mask. The mask may not appear in all categories.

Searching for “tiger mask”, however, should bring up the page with the product. Next, players will need to navigate to the button “download/get that item” and click on it. The tiger mask will be downloaded and should be ready for use in the character creator screen.

This method is also applicable to players who want to download the Legend of Nezha or the tiger sweater.

The Legend of Nezha will remain available for a full year, unlike the sweater and tiger mask, which will disappear from the marketplace on February 7, 2019. This allows players to download all celebratory content for the 2022 Lunar New Year and has a significant time limit.

Don your tiger sweater and go to the Legend of Nezha map. You will be able to experience one of eastern folklore's most captivating stories. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the Minecraft Marketplace's free content.