How to change MOTD on Minecraft server


How to change MOTD on Minecraft server

Since the last Minecraft update, it's been almost a whole year. Minecraft finally satisfied the long-standing demand for Minecraft 1.17 updates with its release on June 8, 2021. It is a huge hit with fans and everyone on Twitter is talking about it. Diluvian's Lucky Robot skin is something they are talking about. These skins transform your character into a techy and bright robot. They are available in five different colors. It's quite interesting, right? These are worth trying. Many players are confused as to how to change the message displayed on the Minecraft Server List. We have created a blog post that will provide a quick guide to help you solve your problem.

About Minecraft

Markus Persson, a Java programmer, created Minecraft. This game allows players to build and destroy different types of blocks. The game offers two main modes: Survival and Creative.

The game has no objective. It is all about building your world and collecting blocks. However, advancements are a system of achievement in Java edition.

We are confident that this game will be of interest to you. So get the most recent version of Minecraft and start playing!

How do I change the message on the Minecraft Server List?

The description text of the Minecraft servers is one of the first things that gamers see when they are ready to join. The MOTD (Message Of the Day) text is usually a brief description of the server. It can include information such as Survival Hunger Games and Minigames Server. You can modify the default text to 'New Minecraft Server' at any time.