New features in Minecraft


New features in Minecraft

2021 was a fantastic year for Minecraft. Minecraft 1.17 was released in June 2021 and focused on adding tons of new items. It also served as part 1 to the Caves and Cliffs update, the largest Mojang update.

Later in the year, Minecraft 1.18 (or Caves and Cliffs part 2) was released. It brought major changes to the world generation, ore distribution, mob behavior and many other aspects. The fun doesn't stop here. 2022 will see the introduction of Minecraft 1.19: The Wild Update.

At Minecraft Live 2021 on October 17, the Wild update was revealed. The update will bring a lot of new features to Minecraft. It includes some blocks and mobs biomes. Minecraft 1.19 will focus on the birch forest, swamp biomes, and other areas that Minecraft 1.18 had focused on.

These are five Minecraft features you should try in 2022

5) Allay

Allay was among the three choices for the Minecraft Mob Vote 2021. It defeated Glare and Copper Golem to win and confirm its inclusion into Minecraft. The mob looks similar to a bat with the exception that it is cyan.

Allay has a unique ability. When a player gives Allay an item, it will fly away and search for the item within the current chunk. This is a great way to let the player concentrate on their tasks while Allay finds the item. It can hold up to 64 of the item and cannot duplicate it.

4) Swamp biome

In 2022, the Swamp Biomes will be completely redesigned. The biomes now have mangrove trees and mud blocks. Mangrove logs, planks and other resources can be extracted from the trees. This biome also hosts new mobs such as fireflies and frogs.

3) Deep Dark

The Deep Dark biome is rare and only found in the most remote parts of Minecraft. This biome is a unique one that defies all Minecraft's efforts over the past decade. It is infested by blocks made of a new material, Sculk. It also introduces the Warden, a new terrifying mob, and mysterious structures called “Ancient Cities”.

2) Ancient City

The Ancient City is a structure which can be generated in the Deep Dark biome. This structure can also produce blocks such as wool and basalt in addition to the features and blocks found within the Deep Dark biome. This biome contains candles and skeleton skulls. Chests with special loot that are not available from any other source in survival can also be found here.

1) Warden

The Warden is an aggressive mob that only spawns in the Deep Dark biome. It will be coming to Minecraft in 2022. The Warden is blind and uses echolocation for location. The mob is meant to intimidate and avoid rather than fight, dealing 3.5 heart damage to players wearing netherite armor.

Minecraft continues to expand its universe and has recently begun revamping pre-existing biomes. Minecraft 1.18 was a positive success and all future content will be well received by the Minecraft community.