Surge protector achievement guide in Minecraft


Surge protector achievement guide in Minecraft

The “Surge Protector” advancement can be used in Minecraft to prevent a villager being struck by lightning or being transformed into a witch, without any kind of fire.

This particular Minecraft advancement is easy to achieve. All you need is a lightning rod, and an unharmed villager.

If players want to speed up the process, they can use a trident with the Channeling enchantment instead of waiting for random lightning strikes. It shouldn't take long to accomplish, regardless of the options.

A lightning rod is the core block that provides players with the “Surge Protector” advancement. It can be made using three copper ingots. This particular Minecraft advancement can be improved by adding as many lightning rods to your inventory as possible.

Once players have created the required lightning rods, they can place them in an occupied village. Players will have a better chance of succeeding if they place lightning rods in high-trafficked areas or villager homes, since advancement is applicable to any villagers within a 30x30x30 area.

Once the lightning rods have been set and the village is close, players can wait for a thunderstorm.

Players with cheats enabled in Minecraft can use the command “/weather Thunder [duration]” sans quotations to start a thunderstorm for a specified time.

Any lightning strikes that might otherwise strike the village's inhabitants or residents should be directed at the lightning rods as the storm continues. This advancement should be granted to players if the rods reach the villager sufficiently and the latter remain unharmed.

It is easier to do this if players have a channeled trident. This trident calls lightning to its position when it is thrown at a Minecraft mob. However, the effect can also be used to create lightning rods.

Toss the trident near a lightning rod, and the conjured lightning storm should strike the rod. Players will also be granted advancement by simply tossing the trident.